The Ballad of the Bear and the Serpent - Digital Edition

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This is the digital version of our May 2019 adventure for the DnD 5E system.

Deep in the forbidding Akahnpek Jungle stands the Lost City of Salasmul.

Though it fell centuries ago, its yuan-ti creators still linger; and they have a plan to return to glory. Orcs make brazen raids on civilized areas. A cult grows in strength  in the jungle and away from prying eyes.

In a few weeks there will be a lunar eclipse. Under that darkness, one of these factions will give rise to a new god. Your band of heroes has until then to shape the destiny of a nation.

This adventure book provides material for three to six sessions of gameplay, and will see a party of 5th-level adventures progress to 7th-level.

Welcome to the jungle!