Adventure Club

Are you ready to get D&D 5e Adventure sent to you every month? How about a subscription box with everything you need to get right into action of your games with less prep time. 

As lifelong gamers and DM's, we remember really looked forward to getting the monthly Dungeon or Dragon magazine to find new great ideas to throw in to our games - and the frustrating hours of prep work that comes with crafting those unique stories and adventures for our players.

So we created Brassman’s Adventure Club, a subscription service for DnD 5e content offering ready-to-play adventures and supplement books - just like the classic magazines - but with all the maps, minis, and play aids that give you everything necessary to get right into the fun parts of your game with less prep time. 

Digital Subscriber


Download a .pdf of each month's content - skip the costs of printing and just use what you like.

Archivist Pack


Print versions of both monthly books, plus all handouts and quick-use cards.

Instant Adventure Box


Skip the game prep and get right into action with this monthly box. Includes the monthly adventure and DM Tools books plus battle maps and minis to run the monthly adventure right out of the box.

DM's Toybox


Along with books, minis and maps, our top tier box includes game accessories like dice and terrain, along with unique play aids and player awards to enhance your game and keep players engaged.

What's in the box?

Unlike other subscription boxes, the Adventure Club offers price tiers that give casual gamers access to great stories, but also provides innovative, premium quality game aids to help more dedicated players who want to up the quality of their sessions - including some great real-life rewards to keep players engaged and excited.

In every shipment are 2 books (60+ pages of content) - 1 adventure and 1 supplement - to help run your game smoother, with player handouts and durable chipboard quick use cards for creatures, NPC's and encounters. Digital subscribers get these as a .pdf download. 


Instant Adventure Box

The "Instant Adventure" box and above include 10x laser cut acrylic miniatures and stands that match each monthly adventure. 10 new minis every month is a great way for new groups to start their library of play figures!

Also Instant Adventure Box subscribers get a 24"x36" printed canvas Battlemap of one of the major encounters of the month's adventure.  These great maps are on canvas, so will unfold cleaner than a paper map and you can collect a whole library of ready-to-use maps for any campaign.


DM's Toybox

For the top tier "DM's Toybox", every box will contain dice sets from Skullsplitter Dice. Each monthly set has a $7 to $10 retail value, and we plan to alternate between a standard 7 dice set and a specialty set every month.

One of the unique things in our DM's Toybox will be real-life rewards for your players, high quality enamel pins themed around the monthly adventure you can give out as rewards or achievements to keep your players engaged. 

And in each Toybox we will have