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Brassman’s Adventure Club is a subscription service for DnD 5e content offering ready-to-play adventures and supplement books - just like the classic magazines - but with all the maps, minis, and play aids that give you everything necessary to get right into the fun parts of your game with less prep time. 

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The proof is in the pudding, right? We understand that, so we put together a sample book so you can see for yourself the format and quality of our storytelling and play aids. Download the FREE PDF today!

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Who is crazy enough to start an indie game company?

Brassman Foundry is the brainchild of two life-long gamers, Saxon and Fish. After years of creating our own games and content for weekly board game nights and tabletop gaming sessions, we realized it would be possible to polish up endless pages of notes and game designs and bring them to the world. Now, given the exploding market for both Boardgames and Tabletop RPG’s, we’ve finally taken the plunge to turn that notion into a reality.

So, starting in March 2019 Brassman is launching their first product line - a monthly subscription service for Dungeons and Dragons Adventures and Accessories. We have several other projects in the pipeline - including board games in a variety of genres.

Thank you for your interest in what we are up to, and happy gaming!

Our Team



Co-founder, Lead Designer

Matt came up with Brassman Foundry years ago while working at his big-boy job of... building games.  In this case it is actually designing and fabricating highly detailed and immersive escape games - You should check out their YouTube.  But what this means is he spends his days thinking about how to make better games for people, and extending that to board games and tabletop is just an extension of his craft.


Co-Founder, Principal

Fish has been a D&D player and gamer all his life (no really, he started on a secon-hand copy of the red box in the 80's) and has played and run games in more systems and genres than is probably healthy.  In real life he is a media producer and designer, so Brassman brings his passion together with his experience as an entrepreneur. But let's face it, small world is more interesting than big world so if he can spend his days crafting games that people enjoy, he stays happy.